Belrine D'Souza Author

The world’s largest floral structure of Mickey Mouse in collaboration with Disney, celebrating the upcoming 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, is truly one of a kind. It is made up of almost 100,000 flowers and weighs close to 35 tonnes, supported by a 7-ton steel structure that has a foundation of 50 tons of reinforced […]

Crowned the tallest hotel in the world, towering at a majestic 357.8m, Gevora Hotel is Dubai’s latest, iconic beauty, securing for Dubai yet another Guinness World record. Enjoy breathtaking views from the 528 rooms and suites, in sheer serenity, style and comfort. Take your taste buds on a tantalizing journey at any of Gevora’s sophisticated […]

Dubai is the personification of dynamic progress, where dreams and revolutionary concepts are brought to life. This is the one-stop destination for the best of the best, from golden sands and mesmerizing beaches, to lush green landscapes, world-class hotels and fascinating attractions. It perfectly has everyone covered, ranging from a vast selection of activities for […]

The season of love is right around the corner and it’s the best time to show your loved ones how much you care. More than expensive gifts and elaborate dinners, what matters most is your time and undivided attention. Celebrate love by spending quality time with your loved ones, especially at Dubai’s new, trendy venues. […]

Journey back in time to 17th and 18th century France, to discover behind the scenes, the creation of Musee du Louvre. ‘From one Louvre to another’ is the very first exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi, from 21st December 2017 – 7th April 2018, telling fascinating tales about the origins of this great museum. Home to […]

Dubai is famed to be an elite, expensive destination for obvious reasons, like being home to the most exotic fleet of cars, impeccable infrastructure, endless number of high-end hotels, mesmerizingly massive shopping malls, sophisticated restaurants, and of course, Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world. But, surprisingly, the best things in life don’t necessarily […]