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Royal Park Tourism Services, sister concern of Royal Gulf Tourism Dubai, celebrated its 25th anniversary on 6th November 2017. The journey began in 1992 when Dubai was poised for tourism growth, supported by the keen initiative taken by the Government of Dubai. Pioneering inbound tourism from Russia, the first charter flight from Moscow with hundred and twenty leisure tourists, arrived in Sharjah Airport. Sincere appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of those who have contributed to our success till date, and to those who will continue sharing in this legacy.

The world’s largest single-site solar project has officially been launched as part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai. Estimated to cost a staggering Dhs4.2 billion, the project will include the world’s tallest solar tower reaching 260m above sea level. Designed to generate an estimated 700 megawatts of energy, this project […]

This ultra-modern transport system will use magnetic levitation in low-pressure, vacuum-like tubes, to transport people and products faster than speeds of a Boeing aircraft. It is expected to revolutionize people’s concept of time and space, stemming from reconfigured distance and proximity. Hyperloop’s main objective is to connect you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi within just […]

Sustainability is the art of effectively managing our economic, environmental, and socio-cultural resources, such that benefits our future generations. This highly trending topic of recent decades calls for immediate unified action, which has been recognized and strategically implemented across all industry sectors by UAE’s visionary decision-makers. The first step towards success begins with educating our […]