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Emirates has confirmed that many of its flights will be cancelled and rescheduled during the Dubai International Airport’s southern runway closure for maintenance, between 16th April and 30th May 2019.
During the 45-day period, an estimated 25 per cent reduction is expected in the overall number of flights operational, with certain flights being replaced by A380 aircraft movements, or completely cancelled altogether.

Several flights, including EK 418/419 between Bangkok and Sydney will be suspended from June 1, 2019. Emirates will continue to serve Sydney with three direct flights a day to Dubai. From March 31, a once daily Airbus A380 service will serve Perth non-stop from Dubai.

However, the carrier has also announced increased capacity to multiple destinations, particularly in Africa, including Morrocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, and Sengal, as well as in Europe, including Greece, Italy, Sweden, and Croatia. In the US, Boston will be served by EK A380s during peak seasons, while in UK, Emirates will fly its double-decker aircraft to Scotland for the first time, during the period of temporary runway closure. Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Sao Paulo in South America will also see flights newly deployed.

Amendments to the 2019 network schedule have been implemented taking into consideration global market dynamics, as well as operational limitations including the maintenance work on Dubai Airport’s Southern Runway. The change in operational aircraft during this period is primarily to minimize inconvenience and the impact on passengers.

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