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Ramadan marks the ninth month and most sacred period in the Islamic calendar. For Muslims, it is a time of prayer and worship, fasting, and self-improvement. It essentially also is a time for families and friends to get together, and appreciate one another through gestures of caring and sharing. In order to respect Islamic culture and tradition in a special way during this period, many attractions and day-to-day activities are either temporarily suspended or amended during Ramadan. However, the variety of activities and dining options available during and following Iftar, the ceremonial breaking of fast at sunset, are remarkable. This is, in fact, the best time to experience authentic Emirati heritage at its finest.
Restaurants across the seven emirates, from luxurious fine dining venues, street-side eateries, and even local Emirati homes, serve up a fanfare of delicacies to savor. Hence, this is the best time to indulge in the customs and flavors of traditional Emirati lifestyle, and learn all there is, about its historic roots – from significance of the ritual canon firing pre-iftar, to the sequential procedure of Iftar etiquette. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is an especially significant place worth visiting during this time.
Furthermore, as Ramadan has coincided with summer this year, it is indeed a blessing to be able to explore a diverse variety of entertainment options indoors, primarily at malls, while steering clear of the usual summer heat outdoors. Enjoy shopping sprees well into late hours of the night, catch your favorite flick at any of the immersive indoor cinemas, take delight in avoiding snaking queues at cash counters, and choose instead to unleash your enthusiasm at gaming zones and unique play areas. Dodge the evening rush hour traffic, admire street décor and daily festivities, and ensure you make the best of the plentiful fun activities UAE’s famous indoor hotspots have to offer.
Ramadan is the time of the year when Muslims sincerely focus on engaging in charitable acts of kindness. It is especially heartwarming when people originating from all walks of life in UAE get together at this time to reach out to those in need – either by offering donations or sponsoring meals. Join UAE in spreading warmth and kindness this Holy Season, as you truly experience the spirit of Ramadan and take back with you unforgettable memories of having made a big difference in the lives you touch.

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