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For Art and Culture Lovers, The Sharjah Biennial Awaits You!

Ranked among the top 10 biennials in the world, the 14th edition of Sharjah Biennial will feature more than 80 artists, 60 major new commissions, and exhibit several unseen works of art.

Organised by the Sharjah Art Foundation, the Sharjah Biennial will run until June 10’th, on the theme of ‘Leaving the Echo Chamber’. The theme plays on the idea that the information that we as individuals are bombarded with on a daily basis is an ‘echo’, that conform to our own preference and mindset, therefore we are unable to see the whole story.

It has been co-created in three distinct exhibitions, by Zoe Butt, Omar Kholeif and Claire Tancons

With zero admission fees and free guided tours (available on request), this is an exhibition no art and culture lover should miss.


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