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Located in Al Khawaneej, Quranic Park was developed for providing a better understanding of Islamic heritage. It provides free entry to all visitors seeking to learn more about the Holy Quran, as well as tourists. The Park is Open from 8 AM to 10 PM, and here’s what to expect from this latest attraction.

More Than a Park…

At a total cost of AED 200 million, the entire park spans over 60-hectares (148 acres), while providing an intellectual and cultural connection between people of different nationalities, ethnicity and culture.

Additionally, the park has two properties that offer visitors more insight into several areas of the Holy Quran – The Glass House and Cave of Miracles.

There is an entrance fee of 5 AED to gain access to either of these two properties, however it is well worth the price of admission.

The Glass House

Home to 29 different species of plant life, marked with its name and information about the respective plant, as mentioned in The Holy Quran and The Sunnah (The Way of the Prophet).

For a better look, you can head up the observation deck for a top view of the area. And for refreshments, visitors can make their way to the small food cart outside that serves up various soft drinks, fresh juices and water, and meals in the evening, including shawarmas and burgers.

Cave of Miracles

The Cave of Miracles is a man-made cave which depicts seven miracles mentioned in the Quran. Using the latest interactive techniques, these miracles are displayed using audio – visual cues, in Arabic and English languages. More languages are expected to be added on soon.

The miracles that are depicted include,

-Prophet Ibrahim’s (A.S) miracle in reviving the bird,

-Prophet Mosa’s (A.S) miracle of the sea,

-Prophet Jesus/Issa’s (A.S) miracle of creating a bird out of clay and more.

The Park

Aside from the above mentioned properties, the park has several sectors dedicated for thriving collections of plants, flowers and trees, as well as orchards. These sectors are marked by signboards, inlaid with golden Arabic.

As you walk along, keep an eye out for solar panel trees that serve as benches with shade, and panels on top that serve to charge phones as well. The park also has a lake, with fountains, which provides for an idyllic background for some cool snaps.

At one corner of the park, there is a coffee house, which serves up coffee, chocolates, and desserts. Additionally two areas have been allocated for children from 2 to 12 years, shaded with palm trees.

There is also a cycling track, a sandy walkway for exercising, Wi-Fi and phone-charging stations.




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