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The Zabeel Life: Not For The Packer or The Planner, Only For The True Traveler

At the risk of sounding philosophical, and in the hope of sounding insightful,

“Who is the true traveler?”

A.) The one who plans and prepares for a trip, several months or days before the trip?

B.) The one who tells his/her travel agent to do all the planning?

C.) The one who hauls a bag over his/her shoulder and heads out into the world, ready to discover, explore and indulge in adventure!

There’s no wrong answer here, there’s no judgement here!

But this post is for people who choose option ‘c’. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s about convenience, ease, escape and comfort.

And that’s exactly what the ‘Zabeel life’ is all about, from the moment you walk into any one of the hotels – Zabeel House Al Seef and Zabeel House MINI – to the moment you lie back in one of their comfy beds and stare up at their funky ceilings. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with where they are located.

Al Seef Brings Together The Old & The New

From Meraas, the makers of Dubai City Walk, La Mer and The Beach in Jumeriah Beach Residences, comes the 1.8 km (2.5 million sq meters) strip of property located in the traditional part of Dubai (at Dubai Creek). The contemporarily designed Al Seef is all about bringing together the old and new, or the cultural and modern side of Dubai.

And you walk around this serene property, you’ll see plenty of shops and restaurants, as well as old souks, all resonating the themes of traditional and modern life style.

What really makes a property like this unique is, in a city like Dubai where everything is all about being new, shiny or big, Al Seef is making time and space to appreciate history, culture and tradition. And they are doing it in a way by including elements that attract the new generation, thereby making it more interesting and engaging for all.

Zabeel House keeps It Light, Fun and Casual

Nothing too fancy, nothing too extravagant, the Zabeel House brand, by Jumeriah is a unique property that focuses on ease and convenience and is appropriately designed. The Jumeriah Area General Manager, Alessandro Cabella explains further that they created the brand in accordance to the increasing demand by tourists all over the world, for authentic cultural experiences that will allow them to truly experience the destination they are traveling to.

To briefly describe the design, the lobby of the hotels have more of a loft or an apartment-like feel, adorned with sculptures raising their hats, almost as if they’re wishing the guests that walk in. Apart from the art, there is an interesting blend of creativity through words and letters throughout the entire property, that encourages you to explore further

Inside the rooms, you can find custom-made four poster beds, with stylish and functional furniture including oak wood dining tables and desks, as well as wardrobe spaces that are minimalistic in design. There is a prevailing sense of luxury, along with smart use of space and aesthetics.

To conclude, we leave you with these words of Alessandro Cabella

“We believe quality hospitality should be easily available to all, and top-notch service should be accessible regardless of the price-range, this is what we deliver at Zabeel House by Jumeirah, upscale casual with a touch of Jumeirah Group’s hospitality.”

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