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Sustainability is the art of effectively managing our economic, environmental, and socio-cultural resources, such that benefits our future generations. This highly trending topic of recent decades calls for immediate unified action, which has been recognized and strategically implemented across all industry sectors by UAE’s visionary decision-makers. The first step towards success begins with educating our younger generations regarding the importance of relevant eco-friendly practice. Its effectiveness is optimized via educational tourism, or rather, ‘edutourism’, through integration of travel along with immersive learning experiences at seminars or workshops, spearheaded by diverse industry professionals from various backgrounds and expertise.

UAE showcases truly unique projects which sincerely contribute to enhancing environmental friendliness, economic viability, and socio-cultural understanding. From transportation and accommodation, to technology and attraction suppliers, a seamless collaboration of activities is bound by the shared objective of making UAE a top-ranking sustainable destination, before the Expo 2020 phenomenon. Doubtless, this will soon become reality, thanks to the tremendous support, creative initiatives and incentives offered by UAE’s Government authorities.

Taking a look at some successful Green establishments across the sands, we have Al Maha Desert Resort and Wildlife Reserve, Qasr Al Sultan Boutique Hotel, and international brands like the Starwood Group of hotels, focused on protection and conservation programs. In transportation, energy consumption and carbon footprint are minimized via the automated Dubai metro, hybrid taxis, and eco-friendly vehicles. Many attractions too, are designed to maximize sustainability, such as Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Dubai’s Al Fahidi Historical District, and Sharjah’s Mleiha Archaeological Centre. In addition are unique Desert Safaris, Dhow Cruises, Art Galleries, and a wide range of themed museums, which actively reinforce eco-sustenance.

Taking technology to next level awesome is UAE’s hi-tech digital platform, hosting a multitude of digital apps for banking, billing, healthcare, retail, and reservations, in addition to ‘smart’ vehicles like driverless cars, flying taxis and drones. This futuristic-savvy destination is where you witness creative design and state-of-the-art technology come together at some of the world’s most iconic structures here – Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, The Palm Islands, Yas Island, and Marjan Island.

And that’s not all. There are plenty innovative projects lined up, scheduled for completion come 2020. Some of these include the world’s largest solar project, Dubai Sustainable City, MBR City, The World Islands, Dubai Harbour, Abu Dhabi’s eco-friendly Masdar City, and the GCC’s largest offshore wind farm.

Knowledge is power. Hence, ‘edutourism’ is the ultimate way forward, in order to build future generations geared to excel at sustainable development. At Dubai Knowledge Park and Dubai International Academic City, internationally accredited institutions offer diverse educational programs for those eager to build dynamic knowledge capacities. Supporting Global Immersion Programs, many acclaimed established projects, upon request, offer brilliant educational and recce opportunities to provide insight into crucial aspects of sustainable development and growth, in UAE; an opportunity of a lifetime certainly not to be missed. After all, who would want to miss such an amazing itinerary, especially when learning is combined with all the perks of experiential dining, living, and witnessing Dubai’s sheer brilliance upfront?

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