There are many reasons to visit the United Arab Emirates. One of the main attractive factor is the surprise element UAE presents to visiting tourists, and residents, alike. From candid new openings, to implementation of simplified regulations, and the unveiling of brilliant plans for futuristic developments, this country is at the forefront of it all.
The main focus is on bringing together the richness of authentic Emirati traditions and inventive, modernistic convenience, to the fingertips of tourists. That explains why the multitude of latest developments involve a varied mix of retail, cultural, dining and entertainment facilities, while ensuring prioritization of visitor accessibility.
As UAE opens up to new markets, the county’s portfolio, too, extends to embrace a larger offering of brands, therefore, well establishing itself as a premium destination, bubbling with a variety of brands to suit every budget.
The core of every unique development, be it in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah, remains consistent throughout – to guarantee absolute guest satisfaction during each and every visit. This is derived from key data analytics, in order to best understand consumer trends and accordingly cater to changing tourist demands and industry trends in the highly competitive travel environment.
Each of the emirates are rapidly evolving to cater to the various traveler segments, from leisure tourists including couples, families, and senior citizen, to business travelers attending corporate events. Abu Dhabi is growing significantly in terms of theme park offerings with the recent glamorous official opening of the largest Warner Brothers World, while Ras Al Khaimah has become more accessible to tourists in the summer period by offering free scheduled shuttle service from designated terminals at Dubai International Airports.
This is the primary incentive for every travel agency to promote UAE as one of the leading tourist destinations, and encourage travelers to enjoy surprises and discover experiences beyond the usual, regular holidays.

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