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From business tycoons and international delegates, to movie stars and athletes, the list goes on.

Yes, it is one of the world’s largest, man-made islands, and indeed, a feather in the cap of the city of dreams. It remarkably enhances the splendor of Dubai. But there’s a lot more to it than just that.

From the moment of its conception till date, the Palm has captured the hearts of many around the world. And it will continue to do so for many, many years into the future.


This spectacular island, one among the three located here, is a result of the vision first revealed in the 1990s by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Ruler and Prime Minister. With only 72km of coastline possessed by the emirate, there was a need to create more beachfront, in order to support the extraordinary tourism initiatives set forth. And thus was born Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island sculpted in the form of a traditional palm tree, maximizing pristine beachfront, whilst becoming a blooming vision of beauty.


Master developer Nakheel, along with internationally accredited, award-winning developers, worked seamlessly to bring this dream to reality.

The essence of this endeavor was, and continues to be, its design. Symbolic of Dubai’s heritage, the Palm is known as the bride of the orchard, while the water around symbolizes the most important source of sustenance and trade. Smallest of the three islands, it is divided into 16 huge fronds and a trunk, surrounded by a crescent shaped barrier reef.

The structure provided perfect geometry in creating the longest stretch of new beachfront, significantly doubling the original by adding 78.6 km more, and remarkably fulfilling the desired vision.


Sheer determination, and incessant hard work have been key factors contributing to the success of this gigantic venture.

Construction of Palm Jumeirah began by 2001, immediately upon identification that Dubai was fast becoming one of the most exciting and rapidly growing holiday destinations in the world. Recorded at the peak of construction, there were 40,000 skilled workers involved daily, turning seven million tons of rock and 120 million cubic meters of sand into a luxury leisure resort, perfectly suited for the 21st century.

Resilient breakwaters were created to protect the reclaimed land from the strong currents and ‘Shamal’ winds of the Arabian Gulf. This in turn, gave life to 95% of thriving marine creatures in a place where, initially, there was virtually no sign of life.

Reclamation challenges were overcome by engineers via the Differential Global Positioning System, which ensured accuracy of construction, especially in terms of placement and settlement processes underwater.

Furthermore, desalination plants were installed, followed by state-of-the-art vacuum sewerage waste treatment, and underground power networks.

Accessibility across the island required extensive road networks, including an impressively huge underwater tunnel. In addition, a highly advanced transport network known as The Palm Monorail, was created and established by technology experts, Hitachi. The state-of-the-art system is 5.4km long and runs along the trunk of Palm Jumeirah, interconnecting specific spots along, from the trunk to the Crescent, all the way to Atlantis, The Palm Hotel.

Palm Jumeirah has been built to accommodate more than 2000 residential units, including apartments and breathtaking villas, several of which are now owned by multimillionaires and celebrities across the globe.

To Conclude

The island, ever since it’s opening in 2006, has rapidly risen to fame. It is already amongst the most exclusive places to visit in the world, just for the sheer experience of being on what was once the ocean. The nature of its conception and existence, coupled with its prime location, has made it the perfect place to visit and enjoy your holiday. That explains why no Dubai holiday package is complete without a visit to the Palm Jumeirah.

Unrivaled sunset vistas overlooking the glittering skyline are always welcome at the end of a fruitful days touring and shopping. Awe-inspiring theme parks and the numerous family entertainment venues are much loved by little ones and everyone young at heart. Fabulous beaches, thrilling nightlife, and exclusive luxury resorts and restaurants, make this one of the world’s top, ‘must see’ destinations – one that is addictively exciting, and where options are never ending.

Truly a dream come true, Palm Jumeirah Dubai establishes the success of yet another awe-inspiring feat in overcoming challenges, by accelerating against all odds, proudly reflecting the determination of Dubai’s enigmatic, visionary leaders.

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